6 Decorating Ideas For Your Children’s Bedrooms


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It’s no secret that parents will and can do everything to allow their kids to live comfortably. They work hard to be able to send them to a reputable school and enroll the little ones in extracurricular activities. They plan trips in and out of town so that the children can immerse themselves in various cultures at a young age.

Of course, parents try to make the house where the kids will grow up in as cozy a place as it can be. Having gone through childhood themselves, these adults know that children get lured to stay outside their home more often than not when they find nothing fun to do inside. Instead of staring at the boring walls for hours, the youngsters prefer to stay at their friend’s place until mom and dad come by to pick them up.

Although you don’t necessarily have to revamp your entire residence to make your children contented with it, you can redecorate their bedrooms. Here are some ideas that your kids might love.


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  1. Let The Little Ones Set The Theme

From the start, you should ask your children if they want the room to have their favorite characters everywhere. Just hearing that from you can make their eyes sparkle with happiness, so the kids will ideally be more enthusiastic when it comes to giving you details about how their bedrooms are supposed to look like after the redecoration.

  1. Paint The Walls With Their Favorite Colors

Baby pink and power blue paints seem only acceptable for infants who cannot express their likes and dislikes yet. In case you already have kids past the age of two, you may get their opinion on the wall color(s) that they want. Once the children see the result of it, they may hardly come out of the bedroom.

  1. Make Room For The Toys

The little ones begin to feel a sense of ownership over their belongings. They tend to say, “This ship is mine” or “I own that Barbie doll.” To keep them from fighting over toys all the time, it is advisable to have a space for their prized possessions in every room.

  1. Ensure That All Furniture Are Within Their Reach

You should also remember that floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets are highly unreachable for young kids. That can keep them from growing some independence; worse, they will feel the need to call you if they can’t get stuff off the top layers. For the meantime, therefore, add furniture in the rooms that are within their eye level.

  1. Think Of Customizing The Bed

Considering your son is genuinely in love with trucks or jeeps, while your daughter wants to live in a castle, you may try to have their beds customized. Many woodworkers are craftier than ever now, in the sense that they can create bed frames that boast more than the four posts or curtains that were popular back then. They can do practically any design that you have in mind.

  1. Add Fixtures That Will Encourage Them To Become Organized

When redecorating a child’s bedroom, you also need to consider how the little ones can maintain orderliness in it. You may not have to worry about a thing if they’re already teens; young kids, however, necessitate a bit more push to clean after themselves. Nevertheless, the latter may get encouraged to organize better once you place a laundry bag, baskets for different toys, or shelves in the rooms and teach what to put where.

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Final Thoughts

Decorating your children’s bedrooms does not require help from a professional interior designer. As long as you know what the kiddos like, you can never go wrong. After all, they will be the ones using the rooms, so they know better than anyone what they want to see in these parts of the house.


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