Basic Decorating Rules For Any Part Of The House




Many people tend to hire an interior decorator for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because they don’t trust themselves when it comes to mixing and matching patterns and colors. Other times, their excuse is that they can’t find the time to get the pieces that’ll fill their home themselves.

The most common reason, however, is that these folks want to keep their sanity, which may be too easy to lose if you think of every room that needs decorating. When you finish the living room, after all, there’s still the kitchen and the bathrooms. Once the master bedroom has every accoutrement necessary, the other sleeping quarters require attention too.

Nonetheless, there are ways to avoid losing your head when decorating any part of your house. Here are some rules that you – the homeowner – should keep in mind.

Avoid Trying To Impress Everyone

The first thing you ought to do is stop including your future visitors to your considerations. You may say, “Oh, grandpa likes to sit by the window so that I will place a reclining chair there” or “My friends love watching movies and drinking, so I’m putting a personal refrigerator in the living room.”

You mean well – that’s obvious – but you should avoid trying to impress everyone. There may be more guests to come to your home, and they may have something nasty to say about your furniture placement. Some may like your color scheme, while others may find it annoying. Instead of focusing on pleasing them, therefore, you better consider your personal preferences.

Think Of All-Year-Round Décor

When you are decorating a house, you need not worry about Halloween or Christmas being around the corner. You should not also assume that you have to embellish the place with hearts, chocolates,

and roses because it’s almost Valentine’s day. Furthermore, it is not smart to get all the fixtures in red, blue, and white merely because of the fourth of July celebration.

You can make your home festive-looking several times a year, but no one expects you to keep things that way for 365 days. The décor you’ll pick from the stores, for that reason, should be great for any occasion.


Make Improvements Along The Way

Another excellent rule to remember is that you do not ever have to aim for perfection. In case you want an L-shaped couch, for instance, yet you can only afford a three-seater sofa, you don’t have to spend all your money to get the former. If your mother gave you a dresser, you might use it.

The aesthetics of the house can improve as your personality and taste changes, you see. Kids are not merely the ones who can like blue one day, and then red the next. There’s no regulation that your home has to look the same after five or 10 years; that’s why you can undeniably stick with the furniture you have if you must.

Don’t Rush The Process

Lastly, you have to realize that there is no time limit when it comes to decorating a house. In the living room, for example, you only need to set up a couch, a center table, and perhaps a TV rack there. The bedrooms mostly require a bed, billows, and a closet.

Considering you can’t decide on the paint, paintings, lamps, and some other décor that will go in such rooms, wait until you get an idea. It’s not good to paint the walls with any color to keep them from being bare. You are ideally in the store already, so you might as well pick something you fancy, even if it’s merely for now. The same goes for the lamps, bathroom fixtures, and moretrinkets.


Final Thoughts

You are the best person to decorate your house. You own it; you will live in it. Although the professional will inform you about the details before doing anything, your options remain restricted. Hence, next time you decorate your house, try to do it on your own.






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