Rearranging Your Small Home During The Lockdown


In highly urbanized cities like New York, London, HongKong and Tokyo, people are living in a small apartment or in condo units, which used to be a sanctuary. Right now, because of this lockdown, it is a challenge to stay indoors and work from home. Being isolated in a confined space, nonetheless, can make you go “crazy.” If only you were in the suburbs of the Philippines wherein you can bask in the sweetness of your space at home… At this time, you are left to suck it up.

How do you live comfortably in a small home, especially during this pandemic time wherein your movements are limited, you cannot go out as much, and you just have to stay in?

There are some things in your home that you can change up to get that “roomy” feel. Here are some quick fixes that you can do during this COVID-19 lockdown, to get out of the “crazy” bandwagon.

  1. Changing up your windows can be therapeutic. It will be a great help for your mental and emotional health. You can decorate it like put up new curtains, add potted plants, or you could clean it and repaint. This could liven up the area and make you feel better.
  2. At this time, it will be more of a video call for meetings and conferences. To make the experience a better one, decorate a small space or a corner in your home, condo, or apartment where you can put your laptop or tablet. Make it the “calls corner,” and you can have it done your way – a couch with throw pillows, a vase on the side table, painting by the wall, and more. Some even put a small cabinet for books as it also becomes their “reading nook” since the area is so comfy. This will be your do-not-disturb-me space.

Some say, “what if I don’t have walls to separate rooms in my studio unit”? Well, you do not need walls. You can do soft divisions of your unit, like changing the wallpaper or color it differently. Your bedroom area must be distinguishable compared to all the other spaces in the unit. Since there is a lockdown, organize your whole place and make soft divisions. I mean, where else are you going at this time, huh?

  1. Other people are sharing the flat with you. This is a common thing in the US and other parts of the world where rent is expensive. They call the people their flatmates since they live in the same place and share rental fee. Yes, you would want to put up a do-not-disturb-me sign. You want peace at this time. So, how do you do it?

It is imperative to talk to your flatmates about your work schedule. You must also tell them that you are creating a small space in your living room, perhaps, that will be your work station. It is important that your work station is away from the TV and your back is facing them. In that way, they will be prompted that you are working.

  1. If you don’t have that many windows at home that will let direct sunlight in, then how can you maximize light? Repaint your walls into something neutral or those natural shades. It is therapeutic and has that illusion of a bigger space. You can also opt for a darker shade for the ceiling.
  2. Another decorative accent that you can put up at home to make it seem bigger mirrors. It is a very effective way of creating the illusion of space in a small home.

Our home is our sanctuary. And at this time, we want to feel secured. This disease is spreading like wildfire, and being cooped up at home provides a feeling of helplessness. If you can’t change what is happening outside, then change what is within your control.

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