Beautiful Home, Beautiful Family


The home is where we first learn about life; it is where we get exposed to a lot of our firsts as kids. Our first words, first steps, first tooth, first social interaction, we experience all of that at home with our families. It is such a fantastic feeling for parents to see their baby come home finally. This is also a lot of firsts for parents, which is all just an amazing memory when the day comes.

A home is a place where we feel happy and safe. This is where we feel the most comfortable and the most loved one. It is where we learn to become who we are. This is where our foundation is laid, which is why parents and families need to make sure that the home they have is a place that fosters love and support.


BetterHelp experts believe that family life usually is a very sensitive topic as well as home life. Some people tend to stay away from this topic as it brings up old memories that they have long wanted to forget and move past. Some people live with memories of darkness when they think about their families and home lives while there are people who look back at their childhood and teenage life with bliss and fondness.

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with a home that is caring and safe. For others, their house is their prison. It is not where they feel loved or supported or cared for. Most of the time, for people like this, their house is usually the place where they feel sad and alone or scared and hurt. This is why some people have been led to live very dark lives or to have rebellious attitudes. But it shouldn’t have to be that way.

Significantly, we maintain a home that is good for the heart and the soul. Giving your kids a chance to live in a happy and clean environment is beneficial for their growth and development. This means you have to keep your home clean, so they do not get sick and healthy so that your kids feel good inside and out.


Maintaining a beautiful home is not just for the show. Keep in mind that a beautiful house may be appreciated and adored by your neighbors and your friends, but a beautiful house will never be the same as a beautiful home. The difference lies in what your family calls it. Do they call it a house, or do they call it a home? Those are two different things that can say a lot about how you take care of your family and your house.

A house is a structure you live in. It is where you go for rest or recreation. A home is where, as I said, you feel safe, loved, cared for, and understood. This is where you feel safe and comfortable. Having a home is always better than just having a house. A home will foster your growth and development while a house just shelters you from the heat or the rain.

So, if I were to ask your kids where they go home to? Will they be able to tell me that it is with you, or will they be telling me wherever it is their friends are? Take that into consideration when building your own family because a beautiful home does not just mean that it is well kept and well decorated. It also means that your family feels that your house and your company are at home.


I understand it may be too much to handle at times. Making sure that everyone is okay and that everyone is provided for, then there is you, and you feel as if no one takes care or understands you. You have to remember that your anxieties as a parent are perfectly valid, and no one can ever tell you otherwise. Still, you also have to take into account that sometimes, when we overthink, we also overlook the good that is happening around us. We will never be able to keep a good home if we are so focused on the negatives. A good home will always start with how you feel inside and how you take care of yourself.

When we always put other people, family, or friends, before ourselves, then we feel burnt out because all our efforts go into other people and their happiness. We always have to remember that we also deserve the love we keep giving to other people. We should never expect to receive that from other people because everyone else is temporary but, you are the only permanent in your life, so make sure that you see yourself the way you want other people to see you and that you love yourself the way you want to be loved. This is how you create a beautiful home, start with you. Make your house a home.

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