How Redesigning Your Home Can Complement Therapy In Helping You Feel Better

Seeing a therapist isn’t the only way to help yourself feel better. Of course, it’s one of the best options to do so, but it can’t stand on its own. For therapy to fully help you, you must couple it with some lifestyle, behavior, or environmental changes.

One modification you can make to your environment is the way you design your home. It’s one of the places where you spend most of your time. Thus, it’s crucial to consider how you feel when you’re staying there. Being comfortable and relaxed in your home can spell a world of difference in how you take care of your emotional and mental health.


For your well-being, you need to have a place you can call home. It’s not only a physical structure where you eat and sleep. Instead, it’s a space where you feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. More than being a roof over your head, it’s where you can empower yourself and express your emotions.

Here are the ways you can redesign your home to help you in your journey toward being emotionally and mentally healthy:

Free Up Space

One piece of advice you’ll learn in therapy is to face your situation to ease your heart and mind. That way, you can make room for more valuable things in your life. The same goes for your home.

Clutter is linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. And by staying in an area crammed with so much, you may be inadvertently stressing yourself even more. Freeing up space may help you breathe better and maintain a clear mind. It will also give you more room to do the things that make you happy.


Let Go Of The Things That Hold You Back

Sometimes, being sentimental makes you unable to let go of some of your belongings. However, it would benefit you to detach from some of those things, more so the ones that hold you back. That means throwing out, donating, or giving away items that tie you down to negative memories and emotions. That also includes letting go of things you don’t use anymore.

You may want to go through your belongings and decide whether you’ll keep or give them away. If you haven’t used something in a while or it doesn’t make you happy, perhaps, it’s better to donate it.

Rearrange Your Belongings

The layout of your home can sometimes dictate what you can and can’t do. If you find your space limiting you, then you should consider rethinking your design. Whether big or small, you’re in control of arranging your belongings and making your space breathable.

In addition, think of the things that make you happy when rearranging your layout. If you like painting, then maybe try freeing up some space by the window. If you’re into yoga, you may focus on allotting a vacant area that can fit a mat. You don’t have to make significant changes either. It’s enough to focus on tiny modifications that will help you move, think, and breathe better.

Hang Up Stuff You Vibe With

Designing your home isn’t all about aesthetics and rules. When thinking about what to display, you may focus on the things that inspire you and make you happy. It doesn’t have to be an expensive art piece or an artisan vase. Instead, it can be something easy for your eyes.

You may also decorate your home with anything you like. Don’t let fixed themes and concepts restrict you. As long as you’re comfortable with what you have, go for it! Just be mindful of your space to avoid crowding it with displays.


Express Your Creativity And Emotions

Engaging in art activities can help you relax and relieve stress. Once you’ve done some pieces, don’t be afraid to express your creativity and emotions by displaying them! Doing so will remind you of a sense of accomplishment for making something out of your hands. 

You can also hang up treasured gifts. Love a drawing made by your friend? Frame it! Adore a sweater knitted by a family member? Wear it! What matters is how you feel, especially in your own home.

Put Up Things That Empower You

In addition to displaying things that express your creativity and make you comfortable, put up pieces that empower you. These may be a printout of an inspirational quote, a poster of your favorite band, or an artwork you made. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to display it if it empowers you.

By displaying things that help you remember your strength, you make yourself see your character. That way, you can remind yourself it’s normal to feel emotions, and you can win through those challenges.

Welcome Some Light And Life

Sunlight can elevate your mood, help you feel relaxed, and calm you down. In the same vein, taking care of plants can relieve you of stress and improve your well-being. Adding more of the two in your home can benefit you both instantly and in the long run.

If you use curtains or blinds, you may want to consider leaving gaps to let light inside. And if you’re worried about privacy, then you may turn to inexpensive window films that work one way. They let sunlight in and afford you privacy.

You may feel tempted to buy artificial plants for aesthetics’ sake. But if you can, you may want to purchase live plants that provide you with physiological and psychological benefits. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for succulents, which are easy to look after.


To Wrap Up

Therapy doesn’t stop after stepping foot outside of your therapist’s office. The lessons and understanding you learn should follow you outside, into your home, and wherever you go. Taking care of your safe space can complement therapy in making you feel better.

Redesign your home in a way that makes you feel happy and comfortable. Free up space and donate your old belongings. And display pieces that empower you and help you express yourself. Let some light and life in as well! These simple steps can help your mental health, especially now that we’re all cooped up in our homes.

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