A DIY Guide For Designing The Master Bedroom


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When building or renovating a house, the first spot you might put much effort into is the living room, especially if you love having friends and family over. In case you consider yourself a master chef – or a learning one, that is – the creative juices may flow towards the kitchen.

What rarely receives attention from the beginning, however, is the master bedroom. Some individuals choose to focus on areas that visitors will mostly see. Others think that this part of the house is mainly for sleeping and changing clothes, so it only requires a bed, a closet, and perhaps even a vanity.

While those are valid points, you may be forgetting that the master bedroom is the one place where you can enjoy some “me” time. It should offer you peace whenever you’re in there. Because of that, you ought to give the design of this room more thought.


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Check out this quick DIY guide on how to decorate a master bedroom.

  1. Make A List Of Essential Things

As you are looking at the bare room, try to list down the items that you need in it. Maybe you will like a desk on one corner for when you are working at home. If you are into fashion, you may want a large closet and a full-sized mirror. In case you prefer to eat and drink without taking a trip to the kitchen, you can add a mini refrigerator inside.

  1. Be Smart About Furniture Choices

The size of every fixture that goes into the main bedroom depends on how much space you have. Considering you live in a big house, it may be okay to get a king-sized bed or even a mini bar in there. If you own or rent a small apartment in the city, though, you may need to downsize your furniture choices to avoid having to walk on top of your stuff every time.

  1. Think Of The Lighting Situation

Before moving in, you probably already have an inkling of how much sunlight comes in your master bedroom. That is supposed to be your basis when deciding on what kind of lighting and curtains you should obtain. Practically speaking, if you don’t get natural light shining through the windows, you can install LED lights and use sheer drapes. In case the sun becomes very bright, you may not need much lighting, and thick curtains are necessary.

  1. Consider The Vibe You Want To Get

When putting together the pieces that will go into your room, you should also think of the overall style that you wish to achieve. Say, you are aiming for a summery vibe. The general idea that comes with it is opting for pastel, ocean, or earth colors on every fixture. You may add a potted plant somewhere and buy a unique lamp to complete the look as well.

  1. Add The Final Accents

Once you got the essentials ready and placed wherever you want them in the bedroom, you can reflect on the last decorations that it requires. Would you like scented candles there while you relax or do yoga? Is there an artwork that you think will be a perfect addition to your room? Now is the time to obtain such items so that you’ll be able to say that you havethe whole shebang in one place.


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In Summary

Designing your master bedroom does not need to cost thousands of dollars. You can be your own interior designer. You can repurpose or reinvent old furniture to fit the aesthetics you have in mind. What you should never do, however, is turn this part of the house into a glorified storage unit. Believe us – that will not help you rest at night at all.


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What Elements Make A Living Room Look Great?


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Every part of your house is essential, but you ought to pay more attention to the living room. That is where you receive your visitors in the first place. Your family members can converse there all night long after a hearty dinner. When there’s Super Bowl or another event broadcasted on TV, the loved ones commune in that area and enjoy each other’s company.

In case you haven’t noticed, the most fascinating living rooms are not the ones with 24-karat gold chips on the walls or diamond chandeliers. They are also not the type with a rug made out of a real animal or expensive vases and masterpieces. Often, people think that the best receiving spot has stories to tell and articles to talk about, not brag out to others.

Here are the elements that make a living room look great.

  1. The Couch Is Strategically Placed

More than the plushness and appeal of the couch that you own, you should realize that where and how you place it is just as important. You cannot move the pieces of the furniture in different corners of the living room and expect your guests to appreciate it. Even your family members won’t applaud you for it, primarily if the placement pushes them to yell to hear out one another.

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For the couch to become an asset, therefore, you better keep the furniture on one side of the room. L-shaped settees are great since you have no choice but to follow that design. If you have a long sofa and several two-seaters, however, the latter should surround or at least be close to the former so that the folks who will sit on them can be face to face.

  1. You Won’t See An Invaluable Decoration

As mentioned above, the things that you bring in the living room should all be valuable for you and your future visitors. Say, considering you have a small space, you may use an organizer that doubles as a stool. The table can be multifunctional too. You are even free to hang your first painting from childhood or display an object that is priceless to you.

What you should put in the storage, on the other hand, are the pieces that are only with you because you have no time to drive to a donation center. That can be a set of curtains, figurines, vases, et cetera. When you let those items remain in your living room, you effectively take away the spot that’s supposed to be for more valuable finds.

  1. It Is Always Clean

Your living room doesn’t need to look like something out of glossy pages, but it has to be neat all the time. Some homeowners, to be honest, only think of turning on the vacuum cleaner or taking out their feather duster when a visitor comes. In case nobody pays a visit, they allow dust and tiny debris to remain unnoticed.

Nevertheless, maintaining its cleanliness can make the living room a few times better than the ones that interior designers decorated. Everything is in place; your family and friends won’t have to sit on couches that give off dust when you put weight on the cushion. The bonus is that you can accept sudden guests without worrying about what garbage they’ll find there.

  1. It Can Change Over The Years

Last but not the least, an excellent living room never looks the same as it did a decade or two ago. You see, the people staying in the house have undoubtedly experienced personal growth over the years. Their appearance and style may be entirely different now as well. Because of that, the evolution should reflect on the way that this area appears.

You may move the couch from the center to the side of a window, for instance. Changing or adding new photos of the family can also be great. If you want a significant transformation, you can repaint one wall with your new favorite colors.


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The best elements of an excellent living room are not the ornaments or furniture you managed to cram in it, frankly speaking. Your chairs don’t always have to match; your ceiling and walls don’t need expensive chandeliers or paints, respectively. What you should never forget is that the placement of these items and your openness to change are the two things that genuinely matter.

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