What To Remember When Buying A Property

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There are tons of essential things that you must keep in mind when it comes to buying a property. Make sure that you will consider several things before you spend your cash for any real property investment. Keep in mind failure to think twice before taking action can lead to several mistakes and errors. Because of this, you must see to it that you will do whatever it takes to protect your investments. In today’s article, we are going to share the tips to keep in mind when you are buying a property for the first time.


Deal With A Legitimate Broker


Take note that it is imperative to look for the right licensed real estate broker who can facilitate the purchase that you want to make. As much as possible, look for a professional that you can trust. Remember that buying a property means taking out a big chunk of money from your savings. Unfortunately, if you deal with a wrong broker, there is a tendency that you will encounter issues or problems. Because of this, you have to find someone reliable.

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Double Check The Property


Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the reality that there are different kinds of homeowners. Some of these individuals are attentive to the look and security of their properties. On the other hand, there are also those who do not know how to take good care of their residence. Because of this, you must find a way to double-check the different areas of the house that you are going to buy. Make sure that you will inspect every room and corner to ensure that there are no significant issues with the property.


Think About Financing


Keep in mind that there are various options available on how you are going to settle the payment for your house. If you think that you have extra cash to spare for investments, then be sure to pay in cash. The best advantage of doing this is that you can save more on the costs of buying the property. Several homeowners sell their properties at low prices if they are paid in full. However, if you do not have the right amount of savings to pay for the full cost, do not worry. You can always try to avail of financing arrangements from several banks.

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Inquire About The Reason For Selling


You must also see to it that you know how to inquire about the real reason why the previous owners decided to sell their property to an interested buyer like you. Is there something wrong with the house? How long has it been since they lived in the said residence? Did something terrible happen that forced them to sell it? These are the questions that you must be able to ask your realtor. Keep in mind that being curious about these matters is important. Remember that investing in a property is not something that you can decide overnight. There are tons of factors that you must balance to ensure that you can make the right choice.


Decorating Tools 101: Here Are The Top 3 Collapsible Ladders That Won’t Push You To Consult A Psychologist After

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Decorating a house, regardless of how big it is, tend to stress out homeowners, to the extent that you may want to ask a psychologist on how your mind can relax. You have to think of what colors to use in every wall and what curtains will go with them, for one. You need to decide on the type of furniture can go with them and how much you should spend on everything. On top of that, there may be decorations that will require you to stand on something to reach the ceiling or other high areas.

With all honesty, this aspect of your life will become more splendid once you have the best collapsible ladder on hand. In case you wonder about what the most appropriate one is for your needs, here are the top 3 steps in the market.

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot

Although space is not scarce in the rural villages, a wise homeowner does not want a high ladder lounging in the garage or leaning on one side of the wall once no longer in use. Aside from it can harm the beauty of the landscape, the tool can also take up a bit more room that should have been a clean area. Thus, the telescoping ladder that Xtend & Climb offers is excellent to have.


First off, the entire equipment only weighs 36 pounds, thanks to the aluminum that composes most of it. This alloy can last longer than any metallic material before neither water nor air can chemically change its composition and make it rustic or brittle. It is fantastic as well that such an aluminum comes from the aerospace engineered variety, so its quality is very high.

Every rung will not move either unless the user pinches their respective buttons. It ensures that when you are atop the ladder, you will not be worrying that it may collapse, and then you find yourself on the floor.

Its weight capacity is remarkable, as well. The maximum scale it can hold is 250 pounds; that’s why even if you are on or near this limit, you can still climb this ladder.

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The safety measures imposed by the brand mean that it was challenging to elongate or retract the ladder if the person does not use enough force to click the release buttons. The trick that someone consumers need to do to make the process easier is to move it horizontally first so that pushing the closure system gets stress-free.

Oshion 16.5ft EN131 Aluminum Telescoping Telescopic Extension Ladder 330 Pound Capacity

The Oshion Telescoping Extension Ladder suits the people who always need to work on a roof, a tree, or anything that is over 10 feet in height. Especially if it is for business purposes, the person cannot ask the client to provide this particular tool since the latter also has the right to expect that they have the necessary apparatuses for the job.


The ultimate reason why it can be the best collapsible ladder for you is that 16 and ½ feet are not easy to reach if there is not a long and stable device on hand. Nevertheless, this height will not become an issue once you obtain the Oshion telescoping ladder.

It is already nice that the product extends and reverts to its original state whenever the individual presses the thumb buttons on both sides of each step. But the fact that it can fold in half to form a shape that resembles the letter A increases the value it provides, as this entails that the ladder is useful indoors as well.

A lot of customers want the tool in their shed too because of its significant level of stability that individuals of all sizes can enjoy. Whether you weigh 100 or 330 pounds, you are free to utilize this ladder and do not need to continually think that its legs will eventually give out and topple over you.


The downside of it being able to handle that much weight is that the apparatus is more massive than average. However, this is one disadvantage that many people are excellent to deal with as well, mainly if it entails their security.

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Telesteps 1800EP OSHA Compliant 18 ft Professional Extension Ladder

When your house has two or three floors, it may be hard to clean the windows upstairs or repaint the roof every time if all you have is a wobbly stepladder that has a fixed length. In case you are not a tall person, the only way you can get up there is if you stand on your toes or hang on to the ledge, which is downright scary. Because of this, you should purchase the Telesteps 1800EP Professional Extension Ladder.


This equipment does not weigh as much as the other ladders, yet it is still one of the sturdiest you can ever find. It is due to the alloy material used to create it that is both rust-free and lightweight. Aluminum is a practical choice when crafting a tool similar to this that gets often utilized inside or outside the residence, as it is not impossible for it to get rained on at times.

The steps give assurances as well that you will not slide down an ugly fall since one end of it curves upward, and so you can feel when your foot is near the edge. The size of each rung allows people with larger feet to confidently stand on it too.

The user’s safety matters for Telesteps because instead of natural rubber, the pivoting feet of the ladder got made from pure silicone. What is likable about this material is that it does not immediately tear and can withstand extreme temperature and pressure.


Because of the lengthiness of the product, retracting it is not easy.

In Conclusion

Any of these ladders can be a great decorating tool to have. The deciding factor may rely heavily on the measurement you want. It is advisable to get accessories such as ladder standoff and leveler so that you can securely work on high walls and the staircases, respectively.

Happy decorating!

How To Design Your Own Space According To A Therapist

There is a common preconception that our homes are a safe place where we could reflect on how our day went and be happy. Some therapist even says that there is a correlation between your mood and emotions with the design and layout of your rooms. They can promote an individual’s well-being and mental health. They can also boost your creativity and improve your focus.

Because of this, more and more studies are being done to determine the designs that suit your current need. According to a survey that was published in A Journal of the Association for Psychological Science back in 2015,  rooms can elicit strong tangible emotions to people. For instance, almost all the respondents noted the importance of having a welcoming living room and a master bedroom that gives off a sense of romance.

Factors To Consider

Several interior designing tips can be seen all over the web, but we gathered up a list of these factors that are also highly suggested by therapists and summarized them here:


You have probably heard someone say: “I am feeling blue today.” at least once in your whole life. Maybe you are wondering why people would say such a thing, but nothing is wrong with that statement.

Blue is another term used whenever someone is feeling down or disappointed at a particular moment in time. Hence, it can represent the emotion of sadness. Just like the color blue, other colors also give off different meanings. However, when it comes to designing your own space, these colors may also elicit mixed feelings not necessarily related to what they represent to the people in a given room.

For instance, several BetterHelp therapists suggest using light colors such as green or blue for their walls. These colors are soothing and cool to the eyes and make people feel more relaxed, especially during difficult and stressful times. Similarly, warmer shades of yellow and orange can give off a sense of relaxation and boost creativity. However, people should be wary of using the color red in their workspace. Although minimal amounts of red in a room raises a person’s energy, it can increase episodes of anxiety attacks when used immensely.

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The furniture you have in your room also significantly helps in improving your overall well-being. Adding nature-related items such as plants has proven to be beneficial to your mental health. Having an excellent view of landscapes or access to gardens may also leave you with positive feelings. Because of this, people prefer using wood than glass or chrome. However, only 45% of a room should be covered with wood because if it goes beyond that, it can make people feel uncomfortable.

Natural Light

When designing your own space, having access to natural light is highly recommended for a healthy workspace. It allows the room to look bright and to feel welcoming and open. It promotes serenity and peace.

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For instance, a study studied the effect of having natural light in an office on the performance of the workers. It showed that the participants who were subjects to more natural light performed significantly better than their other coworkers. In addition to this, they also outperformed those who only had access to artificial light. They showed an increased vitality and sleep quality. On a similar note, another study proved that having an ample amount of natural light in the workspace increased the sales of the company, indicating its importance to human performance.

Size And Space

Although often neglected, the quantity and amount of space in your room also has a significant influence on your mood. For instance, a study showed that ceiling height plays a vital role in creating a safe and healthy space. It concluded that people might feel confined if the ceiling height of a room is low, but may feel a sense of freedom in rooms with taller ceilings. Hence, taller ceilings can help people be more creative, focused, and free. On a similar note, places with less space may also make a person feel trapped. That feeling creates stress. Thus, having a bigger and more spacious room could help in improving their focus and mental health.

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Things To Avoid

There are also several things that you should avoid to promote your overall well-being.

Closed And Low Ceiling

Do not design your room in such a way that you would feel confined because it could hinder your focus and creativity. Instead, consider a spacious room with tall ceilings.


Prevent clutter in your room and keep it organized so that it could elicit calmness and orderliness in your life.


Prevent having things that you associate with sadness or violence as they could as a trigger and further promote negative feelings. Instead, put objects that make you happy.

If you have your place already or deciding to get your own, you can try designing your space by applying the tips from this article.

6 Benefits Of Having A Multilevel Garage

In this world, there are a few people who wish to stay alone or with their family in a condominium or apartment complex within the metro. Despite the limitedness of both the living and parking spaces, they believe that more opportunities will open up for them there. Thus, these folks only think of leaving the congested city once they can already afford the mortgages that come with purchasing a house and lot in a decent area.

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Considering you have achieved the latter, then congratulations are in order. You may now build your dream home and possibly not work your fingers to the bone to ensure that there’s a roof above your head. Nevertheless, if there’s still enough space in your property, you should build a multilevel garage in it.

Below are the benefits of doing so.

1. You Can Create A Guest Room

When you hail from a large clan, it should no longer shock you if various relatives ask whether they can visit your place almost every month. They may be cousins who are looking for work in the same city or grandparents from the other side of the coast. That is especially true once they find out that you have enough room in your new home.

The thing is, it is undoubtedly rude to turn them away or say that they should sleep in a hotel. In case they cannot fit in your house, it seems wise to add another level to your regular shed. The room on the second floor can be a makeshift guest room, and you can try to make it as homey as possible. This way, none of your relatives will think that you are a snob when they come to your area.

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2. You May Build An Office

Because of the growing number of individuals who post vlogs on YouTube or do freelance stuff, a lot of people do not need to leave the house to make money. Everything they need to do their work is already at home. Even the payments can take place from one bank to another. However, it does not entail that they will not get bored by only seeing the four corners of their room every day.

Because of that, it matters to have two layers of car shed. You will be able to keep your car at the first level, and then build an office on top. Even if the garage is in your backyard, you can still think of it as a real workplace since it is outside of your house.

3. It Can Have A Built-In Studio

Whether you are a dancer, musician, painter, or singer, you undeniably need a room all to yourself to exercise your craft. We have established above that it may be bothersome to keep on practicing your profession at home. That might cause you to lose your passion for what you love.

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To avoid that, it is better to make a multilevel garage. The empty upper level can become your studio where you may practice without anyone else bothering you. Depending on the garage’s size, you may even manage to accommodate students or offer free lessons to neighbors and other folks in town. It can serve as another source of income for you too, which is not a bad thing at all.

4. You Can Turn It Into A Storage Space

Building a garage will give you a chance to avoid storing empty boxes, seasonal décor and clothes, floor polishers, and other large objects that you have occasional use for inside the house. It is quite typical for homeowners with lots of possessions to put such items in a guest room if the basement isn’t enough to hold everything. When visitors come, therefore, they usually have to sleep on the couch because there’s no more room available.

Once you have a multilevel garage, though, things may be in more excellent order. You can move every item you don’t always use on its second floor. Aside from that, you may decorate it and turn the space into a full-sized closet. That will prevent your future guests from having to sleep on a chair or a mattress on the floor.

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5. It’s Okay To Set It Away From The House

Although the typical homes in the United States have a garage attached to them, this kind of setup decreases the expanse of space that the homeowners can turn into another bedroom or a bigger kitchen. That is why those who have enough room in the property opt to build at least a 30×40 garage with loft a little farther from the main house.

The benefit of making it happen is that the visitors can maintain privacy even when staying at your place. Similarly, they cannot bother you as well.

6. It Generates An Interesting Vibe

Multilevel sheds are incredibly unique, in the sense that not many homeowners think of doing that. Your garage can look more interesting when you allow the contractors to turn it into something like a small house that is complete with windows, stairs, and many more. That can attract your colleagues and family members to visit you often.

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To Sum Things Up

Building a multi-story garage comes with more benefits than you can ever imagine. It is not as common as extending the house – that is correct – but it may be more practical than merely creating a shed. After all, you will be using vertical space, and the uncovered ground can become an area for parties and other family events.

Think about it when you buy a property. Good luck!

A DIY Guide For Designing The Master Bedroom


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When building or renovating a house, the first spot you might put much effort into is the living room, especially if you love having friends and family over. In case you consider yourself a master chef – or a learning one, that is – the creative juices may flow towards the kitchen.

What rarely receives attention from the beginning, however, is the master bedroom. Some individuals choose to focus on areas that visitors will mostly see. Others think that this part of the house is mainly for sleeping and changing clothes, so it only requires a bed, a closet, and perhaps even a vanity.

While those are valid points, you may be forgetting that the master bedroom is the one place where you can enjoy some “me” time. It should offer you peace whenever you’re in there. Because of that, you ought to give the design of this room more thought.


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Check out this quick DIY guide on how to decorate a master bedroom.

  1. Make A List Of Essential Things

As you are looking at the bare room, try to list down the items that you need in it. Maybe you will like a desk on one corner for when you are working at home. If you are into fashion, you may want a large closet and a full-sized mirror. In case you prefer to eat and drink without taking a trip to the kitchen, you can add a mini refrigerator inside.

  1. Be Smart About Furniture Choices

The size of every fixture that goes into the main bedroom depends on how much space you have. Considering you live in a big house, it may be okay to get a king-sized bed or even a mini bar in there. If you own or rent a small apartment in the city, though, you may need to downsize your furniture choices to avoid having to walk on top of your stuff every time.

  1. Think Of The Lighting Situation

Before moving in, you probably already have an inkling of how much sunlight comes in your master bedroom. That is supposed to be your basis when deciding on what kind of lighting and curtains you should obtain. Practically speaking, if you don’t get natural light shining through the windows, you can install LED lights and use sheer drapes. In case the sun becomes very bright, you may not need much lighting, and thick curtains are necessary.

  1. Consider The Vibe You Want To Get

When putting together the pieces that will go into your room, you should also think of the overall style that you wish to achieve. Say, you are aiming for a summery vibe. The general idea that comes with it is opting for pastel, ocean, or earth colors on every fixture. You may add a potted plant somewhere and buy a unique lamp to complete the look as well.

  1. Add The Final Accents

Once you got the essentials ready and placed wherever you want them in the bedroom, you can reflect on the last decorations that it requires. Would you like scented candles there while you relax or do yoga? Is there an artwork that you think will be a perfect addition to your room? Now is the time to obtain such items so that you’ll be able to say that you havethe whole shebang in one place.


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In Summary

Designing your master bedroom does not need to cost thousands of dollars. You can be your own interior designer. You can repurpose or reinvent old furniture to fit the aesthetics you have in mind. What you should never do, however, is turn this part of the house into a glorified storage unit. Believe us – that will not help you rest at night at all.


What Elements Make A Living Room Look Great?


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Every part of your house is essential, but you ought to pay more attention to the living room. That is where you receive your visitors in the first place. Your family members can converse there all night long after a hearty dinner. When there’s Super Bowl or another event broadcasted on TV, the loved ones commune in that area and enjoy each other’s company.

In case you haven’t noticed, the most fascinating living rooms are not the ones with 24-karat gold chips on the walls or diamond chandeliers. They are also not the type with a rug made out of a real animal or expensive vases and masterpieces. Often, people think that the best receiving spot has stories to tell and articles to talk about, not brag out to others.

Here are the elements that make a living room look great.

  1. The Couch Is Strategically Placed

More than the plushness and appeal of the couch that you own, you should realize that where and how you place it is just as important. You cannot move the pieces of the furniture in different corners of the living room and expect your guests to appreciate it. Even your family members won’t applaud you for it, primarily if the placement pushes them to yell to hear out one another.

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For the couch to become an asset, therefore, you better keep the furniture on one side of the room. L-shaped settees are great since you have no choice but to follow that design. If you have a long sofa and several two-seaters, however, the latter should surround or at least be close to the former so that the folks who will sit on them can be face to face.

  1. You Won’t See An Invaluable Decoration

As mentioned above, the things that you bring in the living room should all be valuable for you and your future visitors. Say, considering you have a small space, you may use an organizer that doubles as a stool. The table can be multifunctional too. You are even free to hang your first painting from childhood or display an object that is priceless to you.

What you should put in the storage, on the other hand, are the pieces that are only with you because you have no time to drive to a donation center. That can be a set of curtains, figurines, vases, et cetera. When you let those items remain in your living room, you effectively take away the spot that’s supposed to be for more valuable finds.

  1. It Is Always Clean

Your living room doesn’t need to look like something out of glossy pages, but it has to be neat all the time. Some homeowners, to be honest, only think of turning on the vacuum cleaner or taking out their feather duster when a visitor comes. In case nobody pays a visit, they allow dust and tiny debris to remain unnoticed.

Nevertheless, maintaining its cleanliness can make the living room a few times better than the ones that interior designers decorated. Everything is in place; your family and friends won’t have to sit on couches that give off dust when you put weight on the cushion. The bonus is that you can accept sudden guests without worrying about what garbage they’ll find there.

  1. It Can Change Over The Years

Last but not the least, an excellent living room never looks the same as it did a decade or two ago. You see, the people staying in the house have undoubtedly experienced personal growth over the years. Their appearance and style may be entirely different now as well. Because of that, the evolution should reflect on the way that this area appears.

You may move the couch from the center to the side of a window, for instance. Changing or adding new photos of the family can also be great. If you want a significant transformation, you can repaint one wall with your new favorite colors.


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The best elements of an excellent living room are not the ornaments or furniture you managed to cram in it, frankly speaking. Your chairs don’t always have to match; your ceiling and walls don’t need expensive chandeliers or paints, respectively. What you should never forget is that the placement of these items and your openness to change are the two things that genuinely matter.

Basic Decorating Rules For Any Part Of The House


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Many people tend to hire an interior decorator for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because they don’t trust themselves when it comes to mixing and matching patterns and colors. Other times, their excuse is that they can’t find the time to get the pieces that’ll fill their home themselves.

The most common reason, however, is that these folks want to keep their sanity, which may be too easy to lose if you think of every room that needs decorating. When you finish the living room, after all, there’s still the kitchen and the bathrooms. Once the master bedroom has every accoutrement necessary, the other sleeping quarters require attention too.

Nonetheless, there are ways to avoid losing your head when decorating any part of your house. Here are some rules that you – the homeowner – should keep in mind.

Avoid Trying To Impress Everyone

The first thing you ought to do is stop including your future visitors to your considerations. You may say, “Oh, grandpa likes to sit by the window so that I will place a reclining chair there” or “My friends love watching movies and drinking, so I’m putting a personal refrigerator in the living room.”

You mean well – that’s obvious – but you should avoid trying to impress everyone. There may be more guests to come to your home, and they may have something nasty to say about your furniture placement. Some may like your color scheme, while others may find it annoying. Instead of focusing on pleasing them, therefore, you better consider your personal preferences.

Think Of All-Year-Round Décor

When you are decorating a house, you need not worry about Halloween or Christmas being around the corner. You should not also assume that you have to embellish the place with hearts, chocolates,

and roses because it’s almost Valentine’s day. Furthermore, it is not smart to get all the fixtures in red, blue, and white merely because of the fourth of July celebration.

You can make your home festive-looking several times a year, but no one expects you to keep things that way for 365 days. The décor you’ll pick from the stores, for that reason, should be great for any occasion.

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Make Improvements Along The Way

Another excellent rule to remember is that you do not ever have to aim for perfection. In case you want an L-shaped couch, for instance, yet you can only afford a three-seater sofa, you don’t have to spend all your money to get the former. If your mother gave you a dresser, you might use it.

The aesthetics of the house can improve as your personality and taste changes, you see. Kids are not merely the ones who can like blue one day, and then red the next. There’s no regulation that your home has to look the same after five or 10 years; that’s why you can undeniably stick with the furniture you have if you must.

Don’t Rush The Process

Lastly, you have to realize that there is no time limit when it comes to decorating a house. In the living room, for example, you only need to set up a couch, a center table, and perhaps a TV rack there. The bedrooms mostly require a bed, billows, and a closet.

Considering you can’t decide on the paint, paintings, lamps, and some other décor that will go in such rooms, wait until you get an idea. It’s not good to paint the walls with any color to keep them from being bare. You are ideally in the store already, so you might as well pick something you fancy, even if it’s merely for now. The same goes for the lamps, bathroom fixtures, and moretrinkets.

Source: pixabay.com

Final Thoughts

You are the best person to decorate your house. You own it; you will live in it. Although the professional will inform you about the details before doing anything, your options remain restricted. Hence, next time you decorate your house, try to do it on your own.






6 Decorating Ideas For Your Children’s Bedrooms


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It’s no secret that parents will and can do everything to allow their kids to live comfortably. They work hard to be able to send them to a reputable school and enroll the little ones in extracurricular activities. They plan trips in and out of town so that the children can immerse themselves in various cultures at a young age.

Of course, parents try to make the house where the kids will grow up in as cozy a place as it can be. Having gone through childhood themselves, these adults know that children get lured to stay outside their home more often than not when they find nothing fun to do inside. Instead of staring at the boring walls for hours, the youngsters prefer to stay at their friend’s place until mom and dad come by to pick them up.

Although you don’t necessarily have to revamp your entire residence to make your children contented with it, you can redecorate their bedrooms. Here are some ideas that your kids might love.


Source: flickr.com
  1. Let The Little Ones Set The Theme

From the start, you should ask your children if they want the room to have their favorite characters everywhere. Just hearing that from you can make their eyes sparkle with happiness, so the kids will ideally be more enthusiastic when it comes to giving you details about how their bedrooms are supposed to look like after the redecoration.

  1. Paint The Walls With Their Favorite Colors

Baby pink and power blue paints seem only acceptable for infants who cannot express their likes and dislikes yet. In case you already have kids past the age of two, you may get their opinion on the wall color(s) that they want. Once the children see the result of it, they may hardly come out of the bedroom.

  1. Make Room For The Toys

The little ones begin to feel a sense of ownership over their belongings. They tend to say, “This ship is mine” or “I own that Barbie doll.” To keep them from fighting over toys all the time, it is advisable to have a space for their prized possessions in every room.

  1. Ensure That All Furniture Are Within Their Reach

You should also remember that floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets are highly unreachable for young kids. That can keep them from growing some independence; worse, they will feel the need to call you if they can’t get stuff off the top layers. For the meantime, therefore, add furniture in the rooms that are within their eye level.

  1. Think Of Customizing The Bed

Considering your son is genuinely in love with trucks or jeeps, while your daughter wants to live in a castle, you may try to have their beds customized. Many woodworkers are craftier than ever now, in the sense that they can create bed frames that boast more than the four posts or curtains that were popular back then. They can do practically any design that you have in mind.

  1. Add Fixtures That Will Encourage Them To Become Organized

When redecorating a child’s bedroom, you also need to consider how the little ones can maintain orderliness in it. You may not have to worry about a thing if they’re already teens; young kids, however, necessitate a bit more push to clean after themselves. Nevertheless, the latter may get encouraged to organize better once you place a laundry bag, baskets for different toys, or shelves in the rooms and teach what to put where.

Source: pixabay.com

Final Thoughts

Decorating your children’s bedrooms does not require help from a professional interior designer. As long as you know what the kiddos like, you can never go wrong. After all, they will be the ones using the rooms, so they know better than anyone what they want to see in these parts of the house.


How To Make Your Home Look Less Messy Than It Truly Is


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We all want our house to look clean, yet we also know that that is not a hundred percent achievable. If you have dogs or cats, they often shed hair on the floor, carpet or couches. In case your children still cannot organize their toys, you may find a truck or a doll in odd places.

Despite that, whoever said that it is impossible to make your home look less messy than it is in actuality?

Here are some tips on how you’ll be able to achieve that clean house vibe.

  1. Use Air Fresheners

We remember seeing a TV ad a few years back in which a company that sells air fresheners sprayed it in a very unsanitary public bathroom. The walls are grimy, the door for every cubicle is unhinged, and the toilets seem like they have not been rinsed for ages. Then, they made random people go in there to describe the smell, which turned out to be pleasant. It was only after that that the company revealed the actual state of the bathroom, but the reactions are not as bad as one may think since they can still smell the air freshener.

Although your house may not be as troublesome as that public bathroom mentioned above, what we’re trying to help you envision here is the idea that good odor can change someone’s perspective about a place instantly. You may have toys all over the floor; your dishes may still be on the sink. However, if you have an air freshener all over your home, the visitors won’t think much about the imperfections.

  1. Set Up Baskets With Lids Everywhere

Another trick that you might find helpful is placing large baskets with a cover on different points of the house. Say, put one beside the refrigerator, another one outside the bathroom, and then one more in the living room. These containers should not only be statement pieces but should also serve as bins for whatever clutter you may want to hide from your guests quickly.

Having baskets all over your residence is important, especially if you tend to strip off your clothes anywhere in the house and go straight to bed with no care in the world after work. It is also an effective way to teach children to clean up after themselves. Even though their organizational skills are unpolished still, they can at least take toys off the floor and into the basket.

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  1. Keep Only The Necessary Kitchen Appliances On Display

When you have a home of your own, you undoubtedly want to buy every kind of appliance there may be at the store and display them. This way, when visitors come, you can wow them with the number of fancy fixtures you have.

Nevertheless, if we’re honest, you do not always need all the kitchen appliances on a daily basis. Though you cannot bake, for instance, the pastry mixer is still on display. Say, you can only fry eggs, yet various pots and pans are out to make guests think that you genuinely cook. You may not even drink coffee, but your coffeemaker is on the countertop.

Such items merely turn into clutter in your kitchen; that’s why it looks super messy. They seem out of place because you rarely or never use them. To make this area cleaner than usual, you will then have to stow away the unnecessary items to create more negative space in the room.

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How would you like to have friends and family come over without giving you time to tidy up the house and still receive compliments because of how everything looks and smells altogether?

Give the tips above a try, and let us know what you think with the outcome. Cheers!