Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, our top priority is to keep all the personal information that you provide to us confidential. We do not collect your details if you are merely on the site to visit the pages or read our blogs. The collection of data takes place once you decide to leave a message or comment since we need to know your name and email address, to be specific, to identify you.



It is unrealistic to promise that your personal information is 100% safe in our system. Anything can occur during the transference of data or the transmission of files over the web. Despite that, what we can assure you of is that we utilize commercially acceptable means to increase the security that protects your details, along with in-house IT experts who monitor the system to avoid possible hacking or spamming.


Aggregated Statistics

Statistical collection of information that concerns the activities of the visitors on the website may take place every time someone enters the site. The decision to keep this data a secret or lend it to a study in the future solely depends on us. Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry about your personal data getting disclosed in the process.


Policy Changes

Modifying a Privacy Policy is normal. In truth, it is even recommended, especially if the website tends to launch different pages or services. We may make changes to our policies from time to time. To stay in the loop, you should visit this page regularly.



If the content of our Privacy Policy is unclear in your eyes, you are free to send an inquiry or suggestion to us via this page: